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  • Lectures on System Analysis and Development

  • System Analysis & Design methods , Whitten/Bentley ( 7th Edition)
  • system analysis and Design , Kendal & Kendal
  • Structured systems development , Powers/Chenney/Crow
  • روش ساخت يافته تجزيه و تحليل و طراحي سيستم ها و انتشارات دانشگاه هرمزگانو مترجم : پيروزفر
  • تحليل و طراحي سيستمهاو مترجم : جعفرنژاد قمي و انتشارات علوم رايانه
  • موضوعات آرائه شده در درس به ترتيب ارائه در زير آمده است با اشاره به آنها ميتوانيد فايل مربوطه را در کامپيوتر خود ذخيره و در صورت لزوم چاپ کنيد

  • Learning subjects :
  • Information system: System and system approach
  • Information system: system development process
  • Information system: managing the development process
  • System analysis :process analysis techniques
  • System analysis :data analysis techniques
  • System analysis :Modeling the process & computer aided software engineering
  • system analysis :information gathering
  • System architecture: Technical architecture
  • System architecture: File & data base design
  • System architecture:  General application design
  • Software design: Human interface
  • Software design: Software design strategies
  • System design:  Quality assurance 
  • System development Life cycle :  Investigation
  • System development Life cycle :  Analysis and general design
  • System development Life cycle :  Detailed Design
  • System development Life cycle :  Installation and Review
  • Reference for Lectures

Chapter 1
The contexts of system analysis & design Lecture        
  • Chapter 2
    Information system building blocks Lecture                 
  • Chapter 3
      Information system development Lecture                   
  • System analysis and design book , general reference
    Lecture 1:
  • system development life cycle
    Lecture2 :
  • Chapter 4
    Project Management Lecture                                          
  • Data flow diagram
    lecture 4 ,
  • The contexts of system analysis & design Lecture
  • Information system building blocks Lecture
  • Information system development Lecture
  • Project Management Lecture
  • System Analysis Lecture
  • Requirement Discovery Lecture
  • UML Modeling Lecture
  • Data Modeling Lecture
  •     &     Modeling Details
    Process Modeling Lecture
  • , methodology overview
  • Lecture, system Design
  • Lecture, Input design
    Lecture, User interface Design
  • Lecture, system implementation
  • Lecture, system support