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  • Lectures on Strategic Management

The Strategy Concept and Process: A Pragmatic Approach (2nd Edition)
Strategic Management by Arnoldo C. Hax, Nicolas S. Majluf

Table of content:
1. The Concept of Strategy and the Strategy Formation Process. 2. A Formal Strategic Planning Process.
3. Business Strategy: The Core Concepts. 4. The Mission of the Business. 5. Environmental Scan at the Business Level. 6. Internal Scrutiny at the Business Level. 7. The Formulation of the Business Strategy. 8. Strategic and Economic Evaluation of the Merits of a Strategy.
9. Corporate Strategy: The Core Concepts. 10. Environmental Scan at the Corporate Level. 11. The Mission of the Firm. 12. Business Segmentation. 13. Horizontal Strategy. 14. Vertical Integration. 15. Corporate Philosophy. 16. Strategic Posture of the Firm. 17. Resource Allocation and Portfolio Management.
18. Functional Strategy: The Core Concepts. 19. Human Resource Strategy. 20. Technology Strategy. 21. Manufacturing Strategy. Glossary. References. Index.
Reference book :
homework: criticize a company strategy  and make suggestion.
What is strategy?
  • Process of strategic planning
  • : students have to search for articles contains the subject you have selected in it's keywords, a summary of findings by review the abstract of such articles should be written. it is called literature review in articles.
    Subjects for analysis
  • Hierarchical strategic planning process
  • Mission development
  • home work: personal mission development & situational analysis
    Situational analysis ( industry competitive analysis )
  • Competitive capabilities
  • Formulation of business strategy
  • Evaluating strategy
  • Corporate planning
  • Resource planning