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The main issue of operation management is operation excellence. The scope of managerial decision making in this respect is wide and may require experts from different domain knowledge. The main stream of operations excellence is the material flow and it's planning process. My focus on this process has been mainly on this main stream and the challenges tackled on  projects , I have been involved, are shown in below table. 
As a practitioner and senior IE expert , the subjects I have found challenging with the most impact on performance of business are those presented below:

  • Forecasting & demand management
    • Market segmentation
    • Forecasting & Time series analysis
  • Product Planning
    • Product strategy and market positioning
    • New product development process
    • Concurrent Engineering & Team working
  • Production Planning
    • Closed Loop MRP / Inventory Control & optimization
    • Multi layer production plan
  • Supply chain planning and optimization ( APO)
    • Robust production Plan
  • Just In Time
    • One piece flow system / Lot size determination
    • Kanban system
  • Inbound logistics / outbound logistics
    • Scheduling
    • Sequencing  algorithms
    • Smooth production
  • Sales & distribution
    • Optimal pricing
    • Multi channel delivery / Distribution centre location analysis
  • Financial management
    • Financial index monitoring and target setting
    • DEA evaluation and benchmarking

In relation to the projects i have been involved , I have made many reports , articles and journal papers to address the challenges my clients faced. presented below are the common subjects of the challenges that organization may face in operations in my experience.

Published papers / articles
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