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The application of quality engineering and quality management Tools and techniques requires a definite understanding of problem area. To my knowledge and consultancy experience of many quality related projects ,the main pitfalls on most of quality related projects is the lack of focus on problem area. The suggestions to improve should be fact based and any solution should be implemented after standardization of the process. Involvement of key users and domain knowledge is the key for success.
However the approach defined in six sigma methodology is to cover the improvement process , the main challenge of every improvement plan is to differentiate the focus point and specific tools required to address the quality issue. even though every project requires a specific set of action plans , i have found the followings the fundamental requirement of most of quality improvement projects.

  • Quality Control
    • Process SPC
    • Inspection plan for incoming material,
  • Quality Improvement
    • Team Development
    • Project management
    • Quality management Tools
  • Quality Management
    • ISO 9000  certification
    • Leadership assessment
    • Process mapping
    • Deming 14 point approach
  • Six Sigma
    • Process capability analysis
    • Problem solving & team setup
    • Design of experiment
  • Business Excellence
    • EFQM / Baldridge performance assessment & Reporting
    • Process management
  • Reliability
    • DOE
    • Warranty period Determination
    • System reliability & design

Presented below are the projects i have been involved or i have made reports , articles and journal papers to address the challenges my clients faced .

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