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The role of scientific management has been through many reports and papers worldwide. as the power of computation and algorithms development through computer processing has been grown rapidly , the modeling side of optimization is still the main challenge of practitioners and academicians. A model is a combination of practical viewpoint of problem as well as understanding the possible solution approach which requires an understanding of business parameters ( of course for problems related to industrial and business problems) as well as business decision variables. the complexity of business issues has shown the classic optimization of single objective will not address the real problems.

With such background , i have found multi objective , multi criteria decision making the most appropriate approach to address the real problems. on the other side rapid change on environment parameters recommends a new approach for parameter evaluation of models which is addressed in robust modeling and robust optimization.Having included the demand stochastic behaviour in business problems, pushed me to focus on revenue management concepts and modeling which address this challenge.

Presented below are the academic research and the projects i have been involved , i have made reports, articles and journal papers to address these challenging issues.

Published papers / Articles

Nazemi, Jamshid, Kiln Planning, A Cutting Stock Approach (March 1, 2005). Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1120998 or http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.1120998 DOWNLOAD
Nazemi, Jamshid, Yield management in manufacturing , a conceptual review, Management knowledge , Tehran university press ,2005. DOWNLOAD
Nazemi, Jamshid, Capacity price trade off in manufacturing, a Yield management perspective, JIEI, Journal of Industrial Engineering International, 2005. DOWNLOAD
Nazemi, Jamshid, Robust supply chain, A revenue Management perspective, JIEI , Journal of Industrial Engineering International, June 2009 ,Vol. 5, No 9. DOWNLOAD
Nazemi, Jamshid, An AHP model for export market ranking for auto industry, international marketing management, 2008. DOWNLOAD
Behzadian, M.; Samizadeh, R.; Nazemi, J., IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management , Decision making in house of quality: A hybrid AHP-PROMETHEE approach, 2010. LINK 
Nazemi, Jamshid, Zakeri, Roja, IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management  , Robust Optimization Model for Fan coil Production Planning under Supply Uncertainty, 2011 LINK