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The physical movement of items have been the base of business activities. Information technology has introduced a new paradigm of business transaction and process management. The application of processing capability of computers as well as the flow management of tasks has caused the understanding and applying this technology as a basic requirement for practitioners , academicians.
such an initiatives encouraged me to be involved in many information system development and implementation systems as a system analyst, business solution analyst and implementation. The combination of operations management modeling , flow optimization and efficiency, competitive advantage and  effectiveness issues is my main concerns to support my clients. this result to one of my academic interest in "strategic information planning and organization architecture" which i teach this subject more than 8 years for graduate level students of IT management.
The fundamental challenge of business system / business solution tasks is to built in the strategic intent and strategies in key operational applications. This can be done through a competitive analysis of  the companies , the opportunities and the internal strength/weakness of the knowledge base and employee empowerment.
The tools , techniques an approaches i recommend to address this challenges are:  

  • Business strategy
    • CSF analysis , SWOT analysis
  • Readiness assessment
    • Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
  • Business process modeling
    1. IDEF 1 , Block Diagram , Flow chart
    1. Data modeling
    1. ERD modeling , DFD modeling
  • Application portfolio
    • Sullivan matrix
 presented below are the academic research and the projects i have been involved or i have made reports, articles and journal papers to address these challenging issues.

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