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About Me : Professional


I am ( Jamshid Nazemi) a University Lecturer & senior consultant in management & industrial Engineering systems. My interests includes design of mechanisms to enable organizations & production systems to be more flexible & innovative. This is done through a Change management approach which includes Quality Management (TQM) approach and Six sigma methodology, application of Information technology to enable strategies through strategic information system approach, Business solution analysis and business reengineering concepts to identify gaps and introduce benchmarks , leading Kaizen activities to empower team working and problem solving  attitude, and Finally optimization planning for utilization & productivity of the business through multi objective decision making modelling and Revenue Management optimization techniques. 
I received Bsc. & MSc. & PhD degrees in Industrial engineering from  Sharif University of Technology, and Science & research Branch, Azad university Tehran. Now, I  am  faculty member of industrial engineering, Former head of MBA information management and currently head of PHD program on Industrial  Management, Science & research Branch, Azad university.
        As a practitioner (p) , researcher & university professor (r), my interests are little wide and still deep in following subjects:

Home ( Nazemi)RQuality Engineering & Lean sigma (Approach)

PROperations Planning & Supply chain Management ( business domain)

PRDecision support system & Strategic Information System ( IS/IT enabler) 

PStrategic planning , System dynamic modelling & pattern based strategy (Policy & direction)

RMulti objective optimization, Stochastic models & queuing systems (non dominated solutions)

PRSpecial academic interest in Yield/Revenue Management optimization ( missed opportunity)